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    Name and Description Nation Location
    Aboriginal art and culture centre - Australia
      Pacific - South
    We are a Southern Arrernte Aboriginal tribal group whose homelands are situated 100kms south of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Our community operates the award winning Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre in Alice Springs.
    Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement Inc. (South Australia)
    Nungas (Australia) Pacific - South
    legal services information and Internet resources for ALRM solicitors and aboriginal field officers.
    Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive
      Pacific - South
    The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies holds computer-based (digital) materials about Australian Indigenous languages in the Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA). ASEDA has materials including dictionaries, grammars, teaching materials, and represents about 300 languages. ASEDA offers a free service of secure storage, maintenance, and distribution of electronic texts relating to these languages.
    Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library
      Pacific - South
    Action for Aboriginal Rights
      Pacific - South
    "designed for students (and other researchers) looking for information on current Australian Indigenous issues"
    Anthropology and archaeology in Papua New Guinea
      Pacific - South
    Arts of Papua New Guinea
      Pacific - South
    We are committed to promoting Papua New Guinea, its culture, arts, crafts and locally made goods
    Association of Northern/Central Australian Aboriginal Artists
      Pacific - South
    ANKAAA works in such areas as promotion, marketing and policy development between Art Centres, Govt Agencies, Institutions, Galleries, independent merchandisers, exhibition curators and other industry groups. Also, community workshops and structured certificate courses have been developed through involvement with Arts Training NT, NTU, and other industry advisory committees, providing appropriate training for artists.
    Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers
      Pacific - South
    Welcome to OzLit@Vicnet. If you have an interest in Australian Literature then OzLit is the Internet site to begin your search. We encourage participation from OzLit users and extend an invitation to all Australian writers to contact us re updates or additions to our database. At this site we have more than 500 pages of Australian Literary information as well as more than 1100 entries in our Fully Searchable Books & Writers Database in which you can search for either Authors, or Book Titles and which includes Contact Addresses if we have permission to publish them – a subject search can also produce interesting results.
    Australian Aboriginal Languages
      Pacific - South
    Australian Indigenous Languages
      Pacific - South
    Aboriginal Languages of Australia Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages, most of which have been destroyed; all the others are endangered. This site has annotated links to 140 resources for nearly 40 of these languages. About 30% of these resources are produced by Indigenous people.
    Australian Native Title Cases Archive
      Pacific - South
    a collection of legal authorities and documents arranged by the Department of Anthropology, University of Western Australia
    Authentic Solomon Islands Crafts
      Pacific - South
    Website contains information about indigenous peoples of Solomon Islands as well unique Handicrafts
    Bishop Museum, Honolulu
      Pacific - South
    Bishop Museum was founded in 1889 by Charles Reed Bishop in honor of his late wife, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, the last descendant of the royal Kamehameha family. The Museum was originally established to house the large collection of Hawaiian artifacts and royal family heirlooms of the Princess, and has since expanded to include over 2 million artifacts, documents and photographs about Hawai`i and other Pacific island cultures.
    Bringing Them Home
      Pacific - South
    This report is a tribute to the strength and struggles of many thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by forcible removal. We acknowledge the hardships they endured and the sacrifices they made. We remember and lament all the children who will never come home. We dedicate this report with thanks and admiration to those who found the strength to tell their stories to the Inquiry and to the generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people separated from their families and communities.
    Catskin Productions
      Pacific - South
    Central Land Council
      Pacific - South
    Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
      Pacific - South
    The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation comprises 25 community leaders drawn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the industries which have most impact on Aboriginal people and from business and other sectors. The Council calls on its fellow Australians to join together across this land and demonstrate a commitment to reconciliation through a people's movement. Through this action we are establishing a lasting foundation for reconciliation which will ensure that Australians can proudly celebrate the centenary of our nationhood in 2001
    Digeridoo University - learn to play the digeridoo!
      Pacific - South
    Werte Marda. That is hello and welcome in Arrernte. I would like to welcome you to our website on how to play a didgeridoo. My name is Paul. My skin name is Ngala and I am the Manager of the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre located here in Alice Springs. I would like to welcome you to our website on how to play a didgeridoo.
    Documents From Melanesia, Polynesia and the Pacific
      Pacific - South
    Fiji Voices
      Pacific - South
    Online Community bringing together Fijians from all around the world to a piece of their home. The paradise Fiji.
      Pacific - South
    suggested nation: Fiji is a unique project which provides Village Homestay accommodation in local indigenous Fijian communities. Guests are initiated as a member of the village, are invited to participate in village life during their stay, and learn about traditional customs and ways of life. Money paid to the villagers on arrival goes directly to fund community projects.
    Global Volunteer Network
    Quechua Pacific - South
    We place volunteers in community projects in China, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Thailand, and Uganda. Our vision is to support the work of local community organizations in developing countries through the placement of international volunteers. We believe that local communities are in the best position to determine their needs, and we provide volunteers to help them achieve their goals. Our Ecuador program allows volunteers to participate in research stations throughout the country, ranging from the Galapagos Islands and coastal mangrove swamps to the Amazon rainforest and high-altitude cloud forest. Volunteer activities include reforestation, wildlife surveys and working with local communities to develop sound agricultural practices. While the program's main focus is environmental, it also allows volunteers to interact with the local community.
    Hawaiian Fonts
      Pacific - South
    The Hawaiian language, like several other Polynesian languages, uses two diacritical marks that affects the pronunciation and meaning of words.
    Hawaiian Historical Society
      Pacific - South
    The Hawaiian Historical Society, founded in 1892, is dedicated to preserving historical materials relating to Hawai`i and the Pacific region and to publishing scholarly research on Hawaiian and Pacific history. In addition, the Society presents lectures and other programs, free to the public, on various aspects of Hawaiian history.
    Hawaiian language
      Pacific - South
    The Kualono World-Wide Web (WWW) service has been designed by the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo - Hale Kuamo‘-o office primarily to service the Hawaiian language speaking communities world-wide. Although the majority of information is in the Hawaiian language, we have included some resources in English for those interested in learning the Hawaiian language or interested in learning more about Hawa'i's indigeneous language, and the strides currently being made to ensure its perpetuation and continued growth.
    HR Dynamics
      Pacific - South
    Human Resource Advisory capacity building, planning, facilitation. HR Dynamics will place specific emphasis on providing Human Resource services to all Maori Based Services / Business Practices / Community & Marae Based Services.
    Imparja Television
      Pacific - South
    Indigenous Law Centre (University of New South Wales, Australia)
      Pacific - South
    established in 1981 to develop and co-ordinate research, teaching and dissemination of information in the multi-disciplinary area of Indigenous peoples and the law.
    International Action for West Papua
      Pacific - South
    International Action for West Papua (IAWP) Purpose: News dissemination and international lobbying for outright independence and total separation of West Papua from Indonesia. Includes pro-active lobbying on deteriorating human rights situation and environmental damage in West Papua.
    Kingdom of Hawai`i - Reinstatement and Recognition
      Pacific - South
    Native Land Trust Board (Fiji)
      Pacific - South
    The Native Land Trust Board controls and administers about 84 per cent (84%) of the landmass in Fiji. The Board ensures that any development over native land will bring the best economical return to the present and future native landowners.
    Northern Land Council
      Pacific - South
    This site outlines the struggle for Aboriginal land rights in the Northern Territory of Australia and the role of the Northern Land Council.
    Pacific Actions
      Pacific - South
    Pacific Action provides a voice for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People working together to re-create an independent and peaceful Pacific.
    Pacific Islanders in Communications
      Pacific - South
    PIC is a national nonprofit media organization established primarily for the purpose of increasing national public broadcast programming by and about indigenous Pacific Islanders.
    Pacific Peoples' Partnership
      Pacific - South
    Pacific Peoples' Partnership is Canada's only non-profit, non-governmental social justice organization, devoted exclusively to working in solidarity with peoples of the South Pacific to promote their aspirations for peace, justice, security and sustainable development.
    Reconciliation & Social Justice Library
      Pacific - South
    government and non-government publications; maintained by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
    Ser Indigena
      Pacific - South
    Ser Indigena, es un portal de las culturas originarias que existen y existieron en el actual territorio chileno. El sitio web es parte del Area de Culturas Originarias, de la División de Cultura, del Ministerio de Educación, del Gobierno de Chile.
    Stuck in Fiji Mud
      Pacific - South
    I have adopted the United States of America, declaration of Independence against these iconic symbols of corruption and other Isms and Skisms that enslaves the common person beneath a yoke of social oppression and economic servitude in Fiji under the guise of cultural conservation. Acting as a information conduit for the cohesive development of Fiji irrespective of race, color or creed. Combating mis-information and corrupt cronyism and empowering people to fight this in Fiji.
    Takitimu Weather Modification
      Pacific - South
    Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute
      Pacific - South
    Tebtebba Foundation
      Pacific - South
    Tebtebba Foundation, the Indigenous Peoples' International Centre for Policy Research and Education, was established in 1996. Tebtebba, "discourse" from the Philippine indigenous Kankanaey dialect, is firmly committed to the recognition, protection and promotion of indigenous peoples' rights worldwide. Its advocacy work is aimed at influencing United Nations processes as they affect indigenous peoples rights; monitoring the World Trade Organization, the multilateral financial institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and other multilateral bodies. Part of its capacity-building program includes holding trainings and workshops for indigenous leaders and providing consultancy services for indigenous peoples' organizations and movements.
    The College of Indigenous Australian Peoples
      Pacific - South
    The Flight of Ducks - Aboriginal History
      Pacific - South
    An online documentary about Australian cultural memory, by Simon Pockley.
    Wellington Valley Project
      Pacific - South
    Papers Relating to the Church Missionary Society Mission to Wellington Valley, New South Wales 1830 - 42
    Yothu Yindi - Aboriginal Australian band
      Pacific - South

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